Thursday, March 27, 2003

Mud season is here - and that's not good news. Poor Farm Road was a sea of mud last week. It is now posted with a 6 ton weight limit which means trucks full of gravel and excavators cannot use the road. That means no septic system and no good solid fill for the driveway. The driveway is absolutely impassable. So here's the problem - since the trucks can't get in with fill to fix up the driveway, no one can get up to the house. That means no kitchen floor, no nothing until the road weight limit is lifted which, according to ther highway department, will probably not be done for another 2 weeks. So what's another couple of weeks after waiting 9 months? I still hold the key - the money!!!! And they ain't gettin' any more until it's done and done right!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2003

Real progress over the past weekend and again today - and some things actually happend when they were supposed to!! Many of the rooms were painted over the weekend. We had picked out a couple of bold colors for the kitchen and family room - gold for the kitchen and an orange for the family room. They both turned out to be disasters! Way too bright - looked more like romper room or Playland at McDonald's. The kitchen is being rapainted in a more subdued shade of colonial yellow known as "Hubbard Squash" and I'm going to repaint the family room myself next weekend in a color that's basically a shade of colonial tan. Today the well was drilled and it turned out great. Only had to go down 150 feet and it produced 15 gallons per minute - a lot more than I can drink!!!!! Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are going to be installed Wednesday, 3/12.

Friday, March 07, 2003

The sheetrock crew has finished. Taping and jointing is done, sanded and primed. Finish paint on the walls is scheduled for this weekend (3/8 & 3/9). Once the walls are done, the kitchen cabinets, interior doors and interior trim will be installed and painted. This coming week the well is scheduled to be drilled and the septic system is scheduled to be installed. Just how you do that when there's about three feet of snow on the ground and probably 4 feet of frost in the ground is beyond me. The week after next (3/17) the flooring, wood and vinyl, is scheduled to be installed. Of course, if any of that happens as scheduled it will be the first time since last July that anything has actually happened when it was supposed to. However, I'm still being told we'll be in the house by the end of March.

Monday, March 03, 2003

During the last week of February, the sheet rock crew was finishing up the taping. Sanding and priming of the interior walls were scheduled for the weekend of 3/1. All kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and all interior wood trim and doors were delivered. The bathtubs and shower have been installed.